The Borderlanders Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons

What follows is an account of the adventures of Lithanor the elf and Mazaramus the wizard and their party.

In due course, I shall be adding other features to this blog, such as doing reviews of some of the old classsic BECMI and 1st edition AD&D modules.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as is positive feedback.

We now have a new writer for the blog who will be adding his own entries. Offa the Red has started writing up his own account of how Mazaramus acquired an island, and his exploits whilst exploring the island and preparing it as a base once he gets his tower built. This can be found in The Island of the Red Wizard.



Click on the module images above or the links below to read about the party's adventures. The Castle Amber blog is quite long-winded, so it has been broken down into several parts.

Adventure 1 - The Keep on the Borderlands

Adventure 2 - Castle Amber

           Part 1 - The West Wing

           Part 2 - The Indoor Forest

           Part 3 - The Chapel

           Part 4 - The East Wing and a bit of the Dungeon

           Part 5 - The Rest of the Dungeon

           Part 6 - Averoigne

           Part 7 - The Tomb of Stephen Amber

Adventure 3 - Drums on Fire Mountain

Adventure 4 - Quest for the Heartstone

Lithanor's Quest - Blade of Vengeance

Adventure 5 - Master of the Desert Nomads

Adventure 6 - Temple of Death

Adventure 7 - The War Rafts of Kron

Dominion Adventure 1 - The Island of the Red Wizard

Dominion Adventure 2 - The Haunt of the Dark One

Adventure 8 - Red Arrow, Black Shield

Other stuff (just Golem Creation rules for now - working on it!).

Coming soon! New Monsters - readers are welcome to use these for their own campaigns.